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HP-350 (Enhanced 2020) Series Handheld Spectrometer

Measurement Parameters 1. Correlated ColorTemperature Tc (K), black body deviation Duv 2. Illuminance E(lx), candlelight E (Fc) radiation illuminance Ee (W/m2) 3. ChromaticityCoordinates (x, y), (u, v), (u '''''''', v '''''''') 4. Relative spectralpower distribution P (λ) 5. Color renderingindex Ra, Ri (i =1 ~ 15) 6.Standard Deviationof Color Matching SDCM(MacAdam’s ellipse, rectangular box and CIE u′ v′circular) 7.Main wavelength,peak wavelength, central wavelength, centroid wavelength, half width 8.Contrast ofscotopic vision and photopic vision S/P 9. Color purity, redratio, green ratio, blue ratio, CIE1931 trichrome stimulus values X, Y, Z 10. Fidelity Rf, colorgamut index Rg(TM-30 chromaticity parameters, HP-350S function) 11. More functionalparameters can be customized
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