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PHOTO200F Series Stroboscopic Illuminometer

PHOTO200F Series Stroboscopic Illuminometer is the most intelligent, professional and portable hand-held instrument in the current market. It is specially used in the on-site light source, lamp, etc., to measure stroboscopic measurement and illumination, brightness, UV curing test and irradiance measurement all in one. Fast test of scintillation index, photometric curve, stroboscopic, fluctuation index (stroboscopic index), scintillation percentage and other measurements. Application Scene: LED, OLED measurement, energy-saving lamp CFL, high and low pressure sodium lamp HID and other light sources for on-site lighting, road surface, classroom, stage, shopping mall, family room, student desk lamp and other on-site testing. ▲Can measure weaker and stronger optical signals; ▲Millisecond switch, one-button test, more convenient to use; ▲3.5 inch high-definition IPS screen, capacitive touch screen, showing more content; ▲Low power consumption large capacity battery 3000mAh large capacity lithium battery, 15 hours long test time; ▲Intelligent and portable field measurement of illuminance, stroboscopic and radiosity; ▲One-button Test Automatic Zero Calibration; ▲Various light sources can be tested (different types of 250- 1050nm); ▲Custom sampling frequency (50-250kHz), sampling time (50- 10000mS); ▲Suitable for on-site testing in different occasions; ▲One-button millisecond switch is more convenient to use.
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