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HSP5000 Spectrophotocolorimeter


Measure and display the relative spectral power distribution(UV-UIS-NIR)P(λ), chromaticity coordinate, correlated color temperature, rending index, color difference, peak wavelength, luminous flux, luminous flux efficiency and photometry parameter of light source and light material under the control of general PC. Fast auto adjustment which is not only shortens the measure time, but also makes the instrument more wear and tear. Measure the temperature both in environment and integrating sphere simultaneously to make the data more visually and reliably. The chromaticity diagram and color difference diagram can transform to each other in the test report; the spectrum distribution diagram can display and print by color and monochrome way; English-Chinese software and test report; RS-232-C interface which is more convenient to connect with PC.


Characteristics and specifications:

Range of wavelength: 380-780nm (special: 200-780nm)

Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.2nm

Repeatability of wavelength: ±0.1nm

Accuracy of chromaticity coordinates: ±0.0003(under standard illuminate A)

Spectrum sampling interval: 5nm (special order: 1nm)

Luminosity intensity: 0.3%

Accuracy of luminosity: class 1

Correlated color temperature: measure range: 1000K-100000K

Accuracy of CCT: ±0.3% (under standard illuminate A)

Accuracy of color rendering index: ±(0.3%rd±0.3)

Environment temperature measure range: -10-100

Temperature measure range(in sphere): -10-100

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