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HOPOO company is the led test instrument supplier, integrating sphere supplier and also the manufacturer. We provide led test instrument supply, integrating sphere supply and other light test solutions.

As a high-tech enterprise, Hangzhou HOPOO optoelectronics technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer with more than 10 years experience in manufacturing standard testing equipments for optoelectronic and lighting industries including LED, energy saving lamps and traditional lighting industry. Here we have technical engineers who have been engaged in developing LED testing instruments for decades. Meanwhile we provide sales service and technical support.

HOPOO is located in "heaven silicon valley"- westlake technology park, in the center of the yangtze river delta economical circle, which is one of the most developed economic circles in China. The company connects Xiaoshan international airport in the south and meets zhejiang university only two miles away.

Following the CIE standard, HOPOO is engaged in producing LED test instruments and other lamp test equipments, for example, photometer, colorimeter, color temperature tester, luminosity test equipment, photoelectronic test system, photocolorimeter, spectrophotocolorimeter, spectral test system with integrating sphere, goniophotometer, LED light intensity distribution test system, luminosity disitribution test system, High power LED test equipment, LED aging & attenuation tester, AC/DC power supply, digital power meter, multiplex temperature tester, digital torsion tester, EMC test system, etc. There are 6 categories with hundreds of products.

After decades' efforts, HOPOO brand has been widely accepted in both domestic and overseas instruments industry with its cost-effective LED test products and the professional technical supports. Our LED test products purchased by companies, metrology units and universities are widely applied in product lines, laboratories and quality control institutions. HOPOO products have also been shipped to Hongkong, Taiwan, USA, Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, Korea and other countries and regions, which has brought HOPOO great reputation of being a leading optoelectronic testing instruments manufacturer. We are getting better and better ! By the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, we always try to provide the best solutions with higher quality to our customers at a lower price.

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